Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ask Renae

Question from Marjorie of Boise, Idaho:

I can't make feathers look good with paper and pencil. Will the Feathers FUNdamentals fix that?


Yes! Feather FUNdamentals helps solve that problem in three ways:
1.It takes the mystery out of feathers by explaining how to draw and quilt formal, traditional and freeform feathers.
2. It gives the "secret password" to download and print different feather designs. With feathers on paper you can trace the designs over and over with a pencil and then quilt them to build muscle memory and feather skills.
3. Feather FUNdamentals gives you tools, tips and projects to practice drawing and quilting feathers. Once you have the fundamentals just keep doodling until you are comfortable! The Border Sampler is great project to experiment designing and quilting your own borders with corners.

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