Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ask Renae

Question from Carly in Provo, UT:

"When I am machine quilting with a free motion foot I find I have trouble when I start and stop. I have the needle stop in the "down" position, but when I start again the needle "jumps" and I get a jagged quilting line- almost like a small zig-zag. Is there any way to prevent this?"

This is a common problem and I'm glad you brought it up. When you stop and begin again you need to make sure the quilt is not pulling against the needle.   If there is tension against the needle it will cause the problem you are describing.  I quilt in the needle down position but I raise the needle first before I resume quilting. To do this, you can raise the needle with a "needle up/down" button on the sewing machine, by turning the wheel,  or on some machines you tap the heel part of the pedal to raise the needle. Then, re-position the quilt and begin quilting again.  Happy quilting!

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