Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HMQS Federal Feathers Pattern

Federal Feathers finally came to the top of my priority list since we showed and discussed it on QNNTV. I started this quilt months ago and made it for HMQS to display in the teacher section (see previous blogs). The pattern is designed with large areas for feather motifs or other quilting designs.  Easy and fast piecing leaving lots of time for free motion quilting!  Federal Feathers makes a great gift, table cloth, or center medallion for a larger quilt. It is now available on our website as a download pattern, paper pattern, or packaged with my QCI stencils. The border design is not a stencil but will be downloadable on the website.
Federal Feathers Pattern
Federal Feathers Package
With stencils, feather designs can be easily transferred onto the quilt. I used the blue marker on the cream and white chalk or Stabilo pencil on the black and red. 

QNNTV and One Yard Tall Tote

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting ShowLast summer Jodie Davis, QNNTV Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show host, invited me to be one of the guests for the new series.  We taped the show in September and my three segments will be shown in December. The taping was completed in two days at Handi Quilter headquarters in North Salt Lake, just 50 miles
south of where I live.  It was a little intimidating because the show was not scripted but Jodie is
 a wonderful host and made conversation easy. It was fun to meet some of the other guests
and visit with Vickie Hoth and the Handi Quilter educators. I'm not sure exactly what will be on
 my segments because we taped much longer than the time segment. The recording was
handed off to the editors but Jodie assured me that the editors are good to us, which was
One advantage of QNNTV is that all the shows, past and present, are available for members 
to be viewed at any time day or night. The shows cover a wide variety of topics so there is 
something for everyone. Becoming a member is easy just by going to and signing up. Quilt It! is just on of the shows on QNNTV but it has great information for both long arm and domestic machine quilters.

People ask what you can do with a quilted Skillbuilder panel. On Quilt It! we showed the
One Yard Tall Tote for a Skillbuilder project. Choose a busy back for Skillbuilder and thread
to match, quilt the lines on Skillbuilders 1 or 2 and make it into a tote. This is a perfect tote
for the 24" ruler that falls out of every other bag and chips the corner when it hits the concrete
(voice of experience). It is also great for carrying around bolts of fabric, although I might be
the only person who does that.

Skillbuilder 2 is on the "back" on the inside
The top of the bag can be folded down in and the horizontal webbing is the handle for a 
smaller bag.

This is a great travel or shopping bag because it grows or shrinks. A bonus is that 
the horizontal webbing fits over a suitcase handle.
Skillbuilder 1 is the "back" on the inside
I found the nylon webbing at our local Smith and Edwards hardware in the "rope room". 
Their motto is "We have everything if we can find it." The written pattern is in my blog 
Free Patterns and Projects tab and is also available on our website.