Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunch with Great Grandpa

My cute 8 year old granddaughter, Natalie, came home from school on Friday with a problem.  Her elementary school is hosting a "lunch with a veteran" next week.  Natalie was concerned because she wanted to invite someone to go to lunch with her, but she didn't know a veteran in their town.  She wanted to invite someone that she knew and would be comfortable with.  Her mother (my daughter Andrea) remembered that her grandfather (my father) served in the Korean war.  My father is in his eighties and he lost his "Young Bride" just over a year ago and he has been very lonely. When Andrea suggested inviting Grandpa Gilbert, Natalie got very excited and thought it would be the perfect thing to cheer up her Great Grandpa.  She and her mom went to his house that night and gave him the invitation.  He told Natalie he would be honored to go with her. Even as a little 8 year old, Natalie found a way to thank her grandfather for his honorable service to our country. The lunch they will have together next week together will be an experience she will always remember.  

My father's service in the military was part of my inspiration for my new fabric line Patriot Dream. Check back this week for a great program available (perfect for quilters!)  to honor other servicemen and women who serve our country.

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