Monday, April 6, 2015

Baptist Fan Template

My sister Janet Selck ( designed and pieced this quick and easy pattern for her son and his bride.  It was so quick, so easy and so fun that we made four different quilts using this design. For the quilting on this quilt I used Teryl Loy's slotted fan ruler on my Innova long arm.  (Teryl's video demonstrates how to use the template.)  These blocks are eight inches so the 2" template was perfect. The first row took over an hour because my thread kept breaking and I was quilting slowly.  I changed the needle and the thread breakage problem went away.  I increased speed as I gained confidence and I quilted the last row in less than 20 minutes!

I have tried the slotted ruler using my Quilt Foot and my BERNINA 820.  It worked great on a sample block but I need to try it on a border and an actual quilt.

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