Thursday, April 9, 2015

60 Degree Triangle Baby Quilt

Katie's Quilt
My niece, Katie, is expecting a baby girl in May and her mother showed me a picture of a quilt Katie wants for her modern nursery.  I decided it would be a fun quilt to make so I volunteered.  First I figured out the 60 degree triangle size (finished width 7") and then built the quilt in Adobe Illustrator.

Next I cut strips (6" x Width of Fabric).  I used my Marti Michell 60 Degree ruler to cut triangles on the 7" finished width line.  I also trimmed the bottom corners as Marti recommends. It makes sewing much easier and more accurate.

We started with five colors but discovered we needed three more for the look Katie had in mind.     Besides looking better, it was easier to do a random design with more colors!

After the quilt was pieced it was time to figure out how to quilt it.  I played around with different line options and finally decided the channel lines were my favorite. I used a quarter inch thick ruler to quilt the straight lines and didn't mark anything.  I stitched in the ditches to travel from one line to the next. Thank goodness for rulers - or my lines would not have been parallel or straight! 

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