Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Selecting Fabrics Part 2

This second group of fabrics met my "elegant" expectation but presented some problems. I could not transfer the quilting design onto the black or red fabrics with a light table like the blue quilt. I solved the problem by having Quilting Creations International make me custom stencils for the blocks. These designs will be added to the QCI line this spring and we will have them on our website as soon as they are available.

The next problem was thread. I originally planned to use a taupe for all the colors. Bad choice. It was too obvious on the cream and did nothing for the red or black. Cream on cream was nice but what about the red and the black? I made some samples and determined red on black and red on red was the best. I then tried several red threads. My husband, Andy, voted for metallic and I agreed. Problem solved.

Red metallic thread for the black and red, cream on cream.
Final problem - What to quilt in the outside border? I eventually quilted 1/2" parallel lines. Stitching the close lines with the walking foot slightly stretched and distorted the border. Luckily, the wool batting blocked nicely so the borders lie flat.

Triangle parallel lines repeat in the border.

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