Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Instant Light Table

Today when I was trying to transfer a design to a quilt top I came up with a new way to use what I already own.  I tipped four bread pans upside down, placed a large piece of glass on top and then slid two "under the cabinet" lights between the glass and the counter. I instantly had a nice, large light table!

Several years ago I purchased the glass to use as a light table by removing the leaf from a table and putting a lamp underneath. My local glass guy cut a thick, used piece of glass the size I needed and beveled the edges so they were not sharp. It was only $15.00. I was excited until I discovered the lamp underneath concentrated light in only one area and the table extenders blocked the light. I rarely used it but I'm glad I safely stored it underneath the sofa.

I taped the pattern to the glass.
The lights are 18" flourescent "Lights of America" brand
and are available at Walmart for about $7.00. 
The design is clearly visible!

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  1. That would have been much cheaper than the replacement of my "light box" that we did last year. My husband keeps referring to it as the "living room picture window". Where'd he come up a silly name like that?